Rights to Performance

Oh my goodness, quel palaver! Trying to pay for the rights to the two performances for Billy in June has been a saga and a half. One might have expected the International Office of Sammy French in New York would

a) know that France was not part of the USA

b) have a working link on their emails such that you can pay direct by credit card

c) be able to contact their overseas clients by telephone

d) not offer to call to collect payment details over the phone without realizing they couldn’t.

Finally, I had a lovely chat with the very nice fellow as he made his way to his office since he had given me his mobile phone number to call him in mistake for his office number. OK, DAYS later, all was resolved and payment accepted….after a slight hiccup when the credit card details were rejected by the computer so they had to process it manually. By which time, I was a bit of a gibbering wreck.

Reminder, always try and go through Sammy French in London.

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