Fringe journalists

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Phew, having to write publicity for the Edin Fringe is quite an art! Luckily my second attempt has hit the mark and we now have both photos and copy for the two shows on file at the media office in Edinburgh should any journalist be interested enough to ask for the press releases. Mmmmm, with over 2000 shows on offer that really would be a miracle!


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At last the logistics for our Edinburgh Festival Fringe trip seem to be working out. It was becoming too expensive for us to take all the set etc by car. Lovely Lesley(one of the actresses)  is probably going to drive up and can take the key items with her. Sean (musician) will now fly with his guitar and small amp. The rest of us have our flights arranged. We have asked Dan at OverSeas House if he could possible loan us the few pieces we need for the sets and are waiting for his reply. While our good friends in St Andrews are searching out the relevant pieces for Blebo Craigs.

Let’s hope it all pans out with no emergencies! We’re starting to get quite excited already!


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Bum, learnt the other day that the Grande Salle at Emmanuel Church in Geneva is already booked for the dates in October when we were hoping to stage our autumn production. In the past their administrator, Cathy, has been terribly helpful in finding us a slot but this year they are just cram jam full. She has suggested we try another venue in Paquis so we are going to check it out tomorrow…fingers crossed.

Waiting for two ‘bios’ for the press release for our Edinburgh shows, promised last weekend….also need to get photos taken and am hoping to meet up with the Billy actors in Paddy’s pub tomorrow. Why is it SO difficult to get people to do stuff?! Botheration.

Post ‘Sisters’

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Anna at the box office

What an excellent evening! The show went really well according to Dave who was handling the lights for the first time instead of his usual F of H duties. Out front, Anna was one of the cheeriest of ticket sellers whilst her husband, Gary, and son, Gabriel, looked after the bar, allowing me to ‘host’ the people who had come along to see the show. The tiny theatre was half full and more arrived than my hoped for number so we covered our costs and are even able to put a small surplus aside to help with the expenses for our trip to the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Bless them, I think all  the cast had all forgotten that we had to strike set and move everything out that same night! Sean had to go home to fetch the estate car to take the ladder & large furniture while we piled the remainder in our & the actresses’ cars.When they had all gone, I cleaned & swept up, being sure to leave the place in as nice a condition as possible.

As a director, some of my favourite moments are those when I am alone in the theatre outside the auditorium, hearing the audience react, enjoying the play I have helped to shape,  with a well deserved glass of wine in hand, peaceful at last knowing it has all worked.

Run through

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Sue couldn’t be there tonight so I had to read in but even so, we had a very worthwhile run-through. Dave got to practise the lighting cues, Lesley got to run through her lines & moves, Sean got to refine the sound & his music and I got to read in for once instead of watching! This little theatre is a gem….although those benches are made for little people.

the set at move-in

Move in at Micromegas

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Arrived at the tiny theatre in Ferney-Voltaire to a warm welcome from the manager, Connie, who proceeded to give us a lightening course in the lighting… Sean turned up early with most of the furniture so we were able to crack on and set the lighting states. Sue & Lesley weren’t far behind him luckily, as various bits & pieces had been forgotten, but even with return trips we still started a rehearsal in good time. Once we had established where Sean would be playing and experimented with the lighting a little, the rehearsal rolled along with few hitches. Connie and her colleagues snuck in silentlyafter their meeting to catch a bit of the play. All done & dusted by 9:30pm. Stage set for tonight’s rehearsal. Unfortunately Sue cannot make it so I will have to read in for her.

A London theatre

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Just returned from a weekend in the UK including a night or two in London where we managed an evening’s theatre to see On Approval by Frederick Lonsdale at the Jermyn St Theatre. What fun! Loved the intimate space of the tiny venue, just the sort of  ‘theatre’ we  produce ourselves! Loved the fun play, excellent acting in the main, the only complaints could be levelled at the women’s hair..far to messy for their characters…and a few of the costumes which did not quite live up to the high standards of the others. Altogether though,a very enjoyable evening out and much more to our taste than the expensive procenium West End productions going on up the other side of Picadilly!

Confusions & problems

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Utter confusion and misunderstandings on who is going to help out backstage doing what on Sisters next week! Have called a rehearsal this evening, at very short notice, so should be able to sort it all out then…hopefully. Luckily Sean (musician) can come along so it will be a very worthwhile time.

Problems too with booking one of the venues for October. First, both of the nights we had suggested have already been booked, our next choice has a noisy event going on in a nearby room…do we still want it that evening? Am now waiting a reply to our third choice of dates……

Encountered a surprise problem with the posting of a notice for Sisters in the usual spot in our local supermarket. The weird & slightly bonkers checkout lady made us take it down! Grrrr. So cross we went to the manager who couldn’t have been less interested and obtained the necessary permission. Unfortunately, all the publicity is having hardly any effect on ticket sales which remain low. Lots of nice comments and good wishes though from people on our mailing list who have already seen it!



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Some days are just full of frustrations….confusions over dates means missed rehearsals, venue bookings for 2014 are having to be changed, dear helpful backstage person cannot be there for our April 25th performance so have had to search elsewhere and now the printer is on the blink just when I thought I had got the poster/flyer design for Sisters sorted AAAAARGH.

Rehearsals and publicity

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Had an excellent rehearsal for Billy yesterday. Next one for Sisters is this evening. Both plays rapidly coming back to performance standard for their shows this summer.

Publicity is always a problem and we have had a frustrating time trying to design a computer friendly flyer/poster for Sisters. Nearly there!