October production

Posted in Uncategorized on September 21st, 2013 by Sue

Disappointed to report that we have had to cancel our proposed production at the beginning of October as we have not yet heard whether the rights to performance are available. Time has run out for both rehearsals and publicity. Pity. Still, Alan L. is going ahead with arranging a party night of songs, poetry and sketches for December so all is not lost.

Post Edinburgh

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What a grand time we had in Edinburgh! The shows were excellent, thoroughly enjoyed by the audiences who gave us some great comments afterwards, very encouraging. We all managed to fit in several other shows at the Fringe including Steven Berkoff’s latest play (excellent) and a wonderful evening of high energy ‘ballistic masterpiece, by Korea’s No.1 Hilarious Performance….Music Show, Wedding. Huge fun!

Now back in Divonne, tired but happy. About to wrap up all the ends and put these shows away before starting on the next new production….phew.


The kindness of friends

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Have been hugely warmed by the generous response of our friends and supporters who have offered so freely to ‘spread the word’ about the Fringe shows. Also those lovely peole who have sent ‘best wishes’ for a successful and enjoyable stay in Edinburgh. Truly kind and very uplifting…thank you all.

Joint poster OSeas Hse


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Yes, here we are up to our eyeballs working day and night on a steaming computer sending out publicity for our TWO shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and yet also arranging a readthrough of the first draft of  Susan Leather’s new play on Voltaire for production next spring. Crazy? Probably!

Fringe ongoing

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Well now, sending out publicity is taking hours and hours every day but hopefully it is not all vanishing down a big black hole! We have had some expression of  interest  from the media and we are very encouraged that a few tickets have already been sold. Worth sticking indoors at the computer in spite of the baking sun tempting one towards the lakeside beach down the road.


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Ah, a large chunk of the possible publicity has been sent out after spending a good part of the last two days emailing.  I have the strong suspicion though that the mails have disappeared into a huge black hole never to be seen again! Heigh ho. However, I was pretty chuffed to log on to the ticket sales today to find that we have actually sold some tickets for Sisters already!

Back to work

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After a sudden and enforced time away from my computer, here I am back at work. The Edin Fringe rapidly approaches and none of the necessary publicity has yet been tackled. Meanwhile, unwelcome problems have surfaced which also need to be resolved and rehearsals need to be scheduled…oooh la la! Frankly, I’ll be glad when all this madness is over…..this year the Fringe mantra seems to be ‘Enjoy every minute’…hah!

Rights to Performance

Posted in Uncategorized on June 10th, 2013 by Sue

Oh my goodness, quel palaver! Trying to pay for the rights to the two performances for Billy in June has been a saga and a half. One might have expected the International Office of Sammy French in New York would

a) know that France was not part of the USA

b) have a working link on their emails such that you can pay direct by credit card

c) be able to contact their overseas clients by telephone

d) not offer to call to collect payment details over the phone without realizing they couldn’t.

Finally, I had a lovely chat with the very nice fellow as he made his way to his office since he had given me his mobile phone number to call him in mistake for his office number. OK, DAYS later, all was resolved and payment accepted….after a slight hiccup when the credit card details were rejected by the computer so they had to process it manually. By which time, I was a bit of a gibbering wreck.

Reminder, always try and go through Sammy French in London.

Tickets on sale!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 6th, 2013 by Sue

Had news from the Fringe office that tickets are now on sale. We’ve recieved a copy of the Fringe programme and are pleased to see that both our entries are well positioned in the middle of the outside columns on the appropriate pages. Fingers crossed we can create enough publicity to drum up interest and sell a few seats!

Work speeding up

Posted in Uncategorized on May 28th, 2013 by Sue

Well, 3 months to go before we are at the Fringe and the work load is beginning to pile up already. Yesterday was largely spent sending out publicity and sourcing furniture for the set. Happily, it may all just work out fine!

Lovely lady journalist in St Andrews has asked for tickets to one of the shows…our first request, YEH!